A Tribute to the Education Legacy of Mandela - Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development

What we do

The Nelson Mandela Institute works with rural teachers, learners and parents to create schools and classrooms that work for rural children. Working with rural teachers and communities, and placing the rural child at the centre, the NMI creates tools and methods through which to build child-friendly text-rich primary school classrooms that promote reading, writing, expression and critical thinking.

  • We equip schools

    To ensure that the basic conditions for teaching and learning are in place;

  • We build teaching and learning tools

    That are aligned to the social and linguistic realities of rural children and teachers;

  • We train and support rural teachers

    Through teacher development programmes, classroom based support and building professional communities of practice;

  • We work with learners and school communities

    to mobilise and focus energies around reading, writing and educational activity;

  • We undertake detailed applied research

    To inform and monitor our work.


Invest in Mandela's Legacy in Rural Education

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