A Tribute to the Education Legacy of Mandela - Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development

What makes the NMI's work different?


The NMI carries the responsibility of upholding the special legacy of former President Mandela, and his visions for education and rural development.

Our Partnerships

  • The NMI represents a new kind of working partnership between government, the university sector and civil society.
  • The NMI is not funded directly by government, retaining its autonomous voice, allowing it to engage with government as critical friends. The NMI enjoys respect at the highest levels of government, working with government to align its work and investments with the needs of rural learners and teachers.
  • Based at the University of Fort Hare, the work contributes toward the development of new teacher development coursework aligned with the needs of rural teachers.
  • The NMI has a strong partnership with UNICEF through the Schools for Africa Partnership, ensuring the work informs and is informed by developments in education across Africa.

Our Approach

  • The NMI works with teachers, learners and parents in their schools and classrooms to find solutions that last.
  • The NMI spends its time 'sweating it out' with rural teachers, learners and parents - living and breathing rural communities and classrooms.
  • The NMI builds solutions that have been well field tested in the context of rural learners and teachers.
  • The NMI team is a highly trained team at the interface of education, poverty and linguistic development.
  • The NMI holds itself accountable to literacy and numeracy based systemic evaluations. That is, we hold ourselves accountable to evidence of change relating to learning outcomes.

Our Organisational Integrity

  • The NMI is governed by a highly respected Board of Trustees, representing respected figures across government and civil society.
  • The NMI is advised by a Sustainability and Investment Committee representing respected private sector leaders.
  • The NMI undertakes an annual financial audit by PriceWaterHouse Coppers. Since its inception, it has received only unqualified audits of the highest standard.


Invest in Mandela's Legacy in Rural Education

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